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Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • 100% PERFECT 10-0 NBA RUN!
  • 120-81 (60%) All NHL L365 DAYS


A student of history, Jesse Schule successfully utilizes past performance to predict future results.

Active since:  2012

Location:  Nanaimo, BC, Canada

He’s no soothsayer and he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but Jesse (the “Iceman”) Schule can indeed predict the future.  As a professional handicapper, it’s actually part of his job description.  His clients have accused him of secretly possessing Marty McFly’s Sports Almanac, but he tells us the secret to his success is thanks in part to his fascination with history.  The idea that you can predict the future by studying the past is nothing new.  Historians have been doing it for years.

Although Jesse’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention, here are some of his career highlights:

  • Perfect NBA Finals Futures (2017, 2019, 2020)
  • Won with Raptors to win NBA Finals (2019)
  • Perfect 5-0 Super Bowl Card (2018)
  • Perfect 8-0 card X-Mas Day (2016)
  • Perfect 8-0 NCAA Tourney picks Sweet 16 - Final (2015)
  • Picked Germany +$700 to win World Cup (2014)
  • Picked Marcus Mariota +$700 to win Heisman (2014)

Jesse is not a believer in systems, programs or number-crunching formulas to handicap games.  He is firm in his belief that you aren't playing against the sportsbook, you are playing against the average Joe (other bettors).  Jesse is notorious for attacking inflated point spreads, soft lines and totals that are a little out of whack.  He also relies on a nearly photographic memory with an uncanny ability to tell you a player's history and stats dating back for decades.  Anyone can look up how many touchdowns a guy has scored; Jesse can also tell you about the ones that he almost scored.

Jesse’s plays are rated based on a 5-10 star system, and he recommends wagering 0.2 percent of your bankroll per star rating.  So a top rated 10* play would represent a bet equal to two percent of a player's bankroll.  Jesse Schule has anywhere from 3-5 plays per day in various sports, increasing to 5-7 during football weekends.  Jesse generally releases his plays by late morning ET the day of the game, while football picks are often released by mid-week for early line value.

Signature Plays:

AFTERNOON EXECUTIONER: This title is reserved for games with a start time between 12:00 – 4:30 ET. These are popular with action junkies who are dying for the games to get underway.

The TERMINATOR: Jesse's signature totals play, the Terminator has established a reputation as one of the most consistent winners in Schule's repertoire.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: These plays represent a game where the stats show a significant trend which isn't reflected in the price.

GRIM REAPER BLOWOUT: His signature play reserved for medium to large favorites. High percentage plays for those who don't mind laying chalk.

HOT DIGGITY DOG: This is the Iceman's signature underdog play. About as rare as strawberries in December, you'll want to grab these whenever they are available.

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